Four Corners Conference Workshops

1. Brain Fitness: Enhancing Capacity

Sandra Grunwaldt; Wellbeing Manager; San Juan Regional Medical Center; Farmington, NM

Understand how to intentionally influence responses in order to improve focus, memory, and ability to effectively manage stress. Learn tools to increase positivity and energy while blocking out negativism in order to be your "best you" and thrive in a demanding world.

2. Disruption in the Workplace: Preparing for What Is Next. . . The Future Is NOW!

Denise Montoya; Director of Human Resources and Payroll; New Mexico Highlands University; Albuquerque, NM

Learn how artificial intelligence, robotics, automation and the gig economy are transforming workplaces. Identify the impact on human capital in a volatile, complex, ambiguous world. Learn a framework to cultivate a "learning culture" and create a physiologically safe workplace.

3. Tying Goals, Tactics, and Strategies to Time Management

Suzanne Phare; Owner; Real Ideal Coaching; Durango, CO

How do you spend your time? Are you constantly interrupted by others? Do you always seem to move from one crisis to another? Perhaps you are not prioritizing your time as well as you could. You will learn about current approaches to the age-old dilemma of time management.

4. Nachos & Non-profits -  What Do We Have in Common

Stan Richardson; President; Southern New Mexico Outreach, Inc.; Alamogordo, NM

Non-profits fill a unique and needed role in our society. Many times we are reaching people in need in areas where government funding or infrastructure is not available. Let's look together at ways to develop relationships with donors, other agencies and our communities to see that our outreach is the best possible.

5. How to Make a Stronger Communication Connection

Keri Stewart; Owner; Results4Business; Albuquerque, NM

Seriously, do you get along with everyone at work? Do people not hear what you thought you said? Communication is one of the biggest challenges in most companies. There are four different behavioral styles in the workplace. This workshop delves into observable behaviors of these four styles and how to get people to HEAR what you meant.

6. Unleash the Power of Your Influence

Susan Swafford; Performance & Development Strategist; CORE Advantage, LLC; Rio Rancho, NM

Influence is your unique gift to have a positive effect on the development of others. Discover the hidden cause of stifled influence and unleash your impact.

7. Living the Dream: After Work

Ruthy Watson; Instructor; New Mexico Highlands University; Las Vegas, NM

When you can do what you love after you finish working and it doesn't feel like work, then you are truly "living the dream". Get ideas for turning a hobby or passion into a fulfilling, renewing, purposeful dream gig; learn how to market that hobby and how to discover the importance of taking risks.


8. Incident Handling for Small Businesses

Richard Hammer; Retired; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Los Alamos, NM

What should you do in case of a small business cyber security incident (customer data loss, a ransomware attack, etc.)? When can you handle it yourself and when should you hire someone to help you? When should you buy insurance? How do you make all these decisions? Attend and get ideas from a research and development scientist with 20+ years working in the cyber security field.

9. Knowing WHY You Do What You Do

Joe Lloyd; CEO/Founder; Durango Joes Coffee; Durango, CO

German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, "He who has a 'why' can endure any 'how'." Knowing why you do what you do is the first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living (versus merely surviving). In business having a why will help you find the courage to take the risks needed to get ahead and stay motivated.

10. Conflict Management Skill Development

Denise Montoya; Director of Human Resources and Payroll; New Mexico Highlands University; Albuquerque, NM

Understand the root causes of conflict. Realize the importance of resolving conflict early on and the need to create innovative solutions. Identify the skills and methods to resolve conflict by enhancing your workplace conflict toolbox.

11. A Cup of Coffee- Lessons on Teamwork, Servant Leadership, Customer Service and Dignity

Gary Schwantz; Instructor; Texas Tech University; Lubbock, TX

The book How Starbucks Saved My Life is the story of Michael Gill, who at age 58 lost his job with a powerful NYC ad agency. Eventually, broke and unemployed, he takes a job as a barista at a Starbucks in NYC and finds his life. Using excerpts from the book and other sources, we will see examples in action of the lessons to learn and see the difference between busyness and productivity. Finally, we will discuss the dignity of work and how to share that.

12. The Power of NO!

Keri Stewart; Owner; Results4Business; Albuquerque, NM

NO is a very powerful word! Most of us don't say it frequently enough and with enough conviction. We are YES machines and relinquish our personal power by not respecting our own boundaries. In this presentation we explore areas of our lives that might prove more fruitful and fulfilling if we only permitted ourselves to say NO.

13. Bridging the Gap in Communications

Susan Swafford; Performance & Development Strategist; CORE Advantage, LLC; Rio Rancho, NM

Discover the power of human interaction. This session will give insight into the four natural communication styles and the application needed to bridge the gap of communication that yields long term results.

14. Balancing Acts: Achieving Balance in Work and Life

Ruthy Watson; Instructor; New Mexico Highlands University; Las Vegas, NM

There is no "one size fits all" approach to achieving balance, which is why this workshop will engage participants in self-reflection on their own specific situation. Learn to identify obstacles to having balance, find strategies for creating balance and access resources to maintain that balance.


15. Team Build with Art

Karen Ellsbury; Artist/Gallery Owner; Studio 116; Farmington, NM

A motivational art workshop which teaches participants to connect with each other in a spontaneous, relaxed environment, allowing for advances in self-esteem and creativity. Attendees encourage and help each other create an art piece, learn to allow creativity by giving up fear, and leave rejuvenated. (Please note that there is an additional $10 materials fee for this workshop.)

16. Hardening Your Identity: Personal Online Security

Richard Hammer; Retired; Los Alamos National Laboratory; Los Alamos, NM

Defend yourself against losing your money, your online accounts and your sanity because of cyber hacking! Get an essential tutorial from a senior cyber security engineer with 20+ years working in the field of cyber security. His recommendations will change your online habits for the better.

17. Leading Cultural Change in an Organization

Steve Hebbe; Farmington Police Chief; City of Farmington; Farmington, NM

This workshop will focus on one of the most difficult aspects of leadership. Leading cultural change in any organization will test your leadership skills. Having the vision, communication skills, patience, willingness to take risks and ability to accept criticism are all vital aspects to both identifying and successfully implementing those changes.

18. MS Excel: A Smorgasbord of Tips and Tricks

Chris Hunter; Owner; Cornerstone Business Solutions, LLC; Farmington, NM

You may use MS Excel every day or only occasionally. However, each of us can benefit from learning more about how to put additional aspects of this powerful tool to work. Tables, data validation, formula auditing, macros, toolbar customization and more. Fast-paced. Applicable. Interactive.

19. The HOW Factor: Shortcuts to Success in Your Personal and Professional Life

Ben Lyons; Associate Broker; American Dream Realty; Farmington, NM

Learn some of the many tools and tactics that have been employed by successful business leaders across the country. Unlock your potential by gaining knowledge of the thought processes, habits, and routines that the ultra-successful utilize daily in their lives. You have learned the WHY factor; now discover the HOW factor that can propel your life in the direction you want!

20. Succeed No Matter What's Thrown at You!

Kathy Price; Owner; IE, LLC; Farmington, NM

Regardless of who or where you are, sometimes life is going to throw you curve balls. Are you aware of what is happening? Are you intentional in your responses? Do you make the right choices? Join in to learn valuable strategies for work and home that will enable you to play your best game!

21. Internet Marketing for Dummies: It's MORE Than a Website

Stephanie Sheak; Internet Marketing Engineer; MyPARTNER, LLC; Farmington, NM

Learn how to get customers from the Internet, how to get seen, and how to get MORE phone calls! Learn about sales funnels, websites and landing pages. Get your answers to common questions about Facebook, Google, SEO, SEM and PPC, what they are and when to use them- Learn useful skills you can do yourself!

22. Six Thinking Hats

Keri Stewart; Owner; Results4Business; Albuquerque, NM

Leaders must make decisions that have consequences- even though available information is sometimes conflicting and always incomplete. The quality of the decision largely determines outcomes, and outcomes largely determine the leader's value and career arc. Although the traditional analytical argument may be good for determining "what is", there is a superior method for determining "what can be". Find a process and associated skills to help make excellent personal and/or professional decisions.