Keynote Speaker- Dr. Gary Schwantz

Picture of Key Note Speaker Gary Schwantz


Keynote Speaker- Dr. Gary Schwantz

Get to? or Got to?

Choosing to love life (or not)

When Gary Schwantz speaks, he holds the complete attention of his audience. With his smooth, calm, Texas drawl he captures his audience not with presentations, but with conversations. Gary's stories allow for a new understanding of how to live life fully, enjoy work more completely, lead with greater heart. If you see life as one obligation piled upon the next "Got to", learn to actually enjoy life and choose the "Get to" viewpoint. Gather hope and restore both your work and personal perspectives on the privilege of living life.

Dr. Gary Schwantz is a teacher at heart and in reality, with a doctorate from Texas Tech University and as a member of their faculty. Speaker, trainer, human resources software designer, facilitator - Gary truly lives life as an adventure so he finds himself practicing what he preaches. He has written two books: Get to or Got to? and eCouragement: e-mail messages for savoring life.

Luncheon Speaker- Ron Price

Ron Price, Luncheon Speaker for Four Corners Conference 2019

Luncheon Speaker- Ron Price

Laugh Your Way to a Happier Life

An Irish proverb states:  good laugh and a long sleep are the two cures for anything. Please don't expect to sleep much during this presentation, but healthy laughter will be plentiful. Come prepared to laugh and learn as Ron shares the enormous physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits of laughter for individuals in all aspects of life.

Life is stressful at times and can be so overwhelming that we do not take time for humor and fun, or to laugh as we should. That will not be the case here. Through videos, cartoons, stories, etc. Ron will help you focus on the lighter side of life.

Ron Price owns and operates Productive Outcomes, Inc. He offers a variety of services including dispute resolution, relationship coaching, public speaking and workplace training. He is the author